Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hitchhiker's Guide To... Who are we kidding, we don't hitchhike

Happy New Years everyone! It really has been too long. What can we say, we're gypsies at heart doing what gypsies do best, traveling. This time, destination Thailand where we spent a whirlwind month exploring North and South of this charming country. For me it was all about the elephant sanctuaries, banana shakes and buying my weight in fabric at the incredible textiles stores in every city. That's right, Thailand is sewing heaven. The Brit discovered {and fell in love} with diving, got all Easy Rider and rented himself a Harley-type beast of a bike and ate his life's quota of Panang curry. Safe to say we've come back heavier, happier and ready to take on 2012. 

xo Ashiberry & The Brit


Fi Figueroa said...

Trip looks so amazing! That photo of you on your bicycle = <3

*answering your email + fixing tonight*



taylor said...

wow, you two are on the go! glad you posted these pictures. i love that way you two are so adventurous. keep the posts coming!

Elise Nicole @ Salt Water Diary said...

Beautiful photos!! I especially love the last one! I want to be right where you are! Happy New year!

Dawn said...

Well well, what a great surprise as I checked in to see where in the world you two lovely little gypsies have been. You have the travel bug...bad. The Britt looks badass on his bike and you Ashi are just so beautiful in that last photo. Welcome back gorgeous people. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

Julia Topaz said...

What are those egg-looking things? I want them in my mouth.

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