Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Castro's Castle

Thanks to a chance tip-off, our humble abode whilst in San Fran has been the aforementioned Castro's Castle. This is one "unique" lodging, run by Dennis Peron  , a wicked guy who offers rooms in his fantastic home. Dennis is famous for being one of the cities most prominent activists and advocates for the legalization of marijuana. This 'passion' of his certainly reflects in the decor {did anyone say black-light garden and miniature golden gate bridge}. We were graciously given the master suite, a charming room, beautifully styled with a classic art deco theme. It was the perfect psychedelic cocoon to come home too after a long day biking around this beautiful city. Anyone who wants to visit San Fran needs to experience this awesome place, where there's always a great conversation coming from your left hand side.

Ashi & Renegade


Katherine Holland said...

amazing! So wonderful that's you're documenting it so well! Wishing you love and herb..

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